Ichthus Nation Gold Rewards
Ichthus Nation Gold Rewards
President of IchthusNation

Welcome to Ichthus Nation!

The largest faith-based digital virtual community where members learn and earn digital gold rewards.


About Us

Welcome to Ichthus Nation, the largest faith-based digital virtual nation-state led by a woman, our president. We have our own digital gold reward token, IchthusCoin ($FISH), bonus and earned reward token minted in 2021 for the citizen members of Ichthus Nation with a reward supply of 153 trillion digital tokens, including a tithe burn of 15.3 billion tokens. The rewarded digital tokens are backed by physical gold to provide the digital token with real value. The valuation of rewarding the total digital token supply is comparable to the GDP of many nation-states.

In addition to accumulating your digital gold rewards, the president invites you to become a passport member and then upgrade to a citizen, council, mayor, governor, house representative, senator, ambassador, or presidential advisor member of Ichthus Nation in order to be an active part of the new global faith-based community designed to prepare its members for the coming years. As a passport member, you will be able to earn daily digital gold rewards points with the Learn and Earn Program, watching prophetic educational videos handpicked by the president, and the Referral Rewards Program, inviting others to become members of Ichthus Nation. In addition to your passport membership, when you add an upgrade to your passport membership, you will receive additional digital gold rewards points ranging from 100 monthly rewards points as a citizen member up to 30,000 monthly rewards points as a presidential advisor member. These gold rewards also have been designed to create a store of value for each member as they prepare for the coming years.

Our digital gold tokens are not on the volatile retail exchanges. We do not pump and dump our digital tokens here in Ichthus Nation. IchthusCoin is not a speculative digital token. The reward value of each IchthusCoin gold token is 14 cents. You can track the total reward supply of the digital tokens of Ichthus Nation on our public IchthusCoin Blockchain Ledger and track your individual gold rewards on your private IchthusCoin Rewards Dashboard. When you receive your rewards, we will transfer representative digital tokens to the Ichthus Corporate Wallet, our cold storage wallet, for public ledger tracking. And you will be able to track your gold rewards on your IchthusCoin Rewards Dashboard through our new point system. Each earned reward point on your Rewards Dashboard represents one IchthusCoin digital gold reward token with a value of $.144 USD to be redeemed in the Ichthus Marketplace in the coming years. This no self-custody rewards point system provides ease, safety, and security for our members worldwide.  Join Ichthus Nation today!

Why Join Us?

We will be offering the Gold Redemption Program to our members worldwide in the coming years. Each rewarded digital token to our members is backed by physical gold notes, stored in a multi-layered secured audited underground vault in the United States insured by Lloyds of London. We will be offering the opportunity for our members to redeem their gold rewards in the Ichthus Marketplace for fractional physical gold notes. You will receive access to an insured Gold Trust Account when you meet the minimum membership rewards requirements and receive approval of your gold redemption request. The Trust Account, hosted through a secure third party in the United States, will allow you to request physical delivery worldwide (plus shipping and insurance), liquidate the gold through bank transfer (check, ACH, or Wire), make purchases with a FDIC insured VISA gold debit card (approval and fees will apply), and or save the gold in your Trust Account for continued growth. Join Ichthus Nation today! 

Membership Includes a Gold Trust Account for IchthusCoin Rewards 


Now is the time to accumulate your digital gold rewards points as you become an active and productive citizen member of Ichthus Nation and to build a store of value for yourself, family, and community. We have a short window of opportunity to prepare for new financial realities worldwide. What did you pay for bread, eggs and milk today? Procrastination is not an option. Join Ichthus Nation today by becoming a PASSPORT member that includes a LIMITED EDITION IchthusCoin Coffee Mug and bonus digital gold rewards with the Reward Dashboard account and Identity Verification (KYC). And then add an UPGRADE to your passport membership to earn more monthly digital gold rewards. The digital gold rewards can be redeemed in the Ichthus Marketplace only. Presently, your digital gold rewards can be used for the Annual Charity Fund to support sending flocks of chicks and ducklings to families worldwide to supply eggs for food and income, to become a Convention delegate for the next global celebration, development, and networking event (registration opens soon), and to build a store of value for yourself, family, and community. Join Ichthus Nation today!

Our president, the prophet to the nation, says, "It's now time to prepare as a faith community for the coming new global economic realities as we watch the decline of the purchasing power of the US dollar, the reserved currency of the world. We are stronger together." Join Ichthus Nation today so we, the global faith community, can navigate together the financial and faith crisis that is coming to the world as a result of global hyperinflation, recession and coming depression. Get ready for the wealth transfer that will take place in the midst of this planned global crisis. Join Ichthus Nation today!

Shop at the Ichthus Marketplace for BONUS IchthusCoin Gold Rewards

LIMTIED EDITION IchthusCoin 15 oz White Inspirational Novelty Coffee Mug with QR Code on Back and 50 BONUS IchthusCoin Gold Rewards. CLICK HERE.

LIMITED EDITION IchthusCoin White Inspirational Hoodie 100% Cotton with QR Code on Back and 100 BONUS IchthusCoin Digital Gold Rewards. CLICK HERE.

LIMITED EDITION Mayor Alex Avatar IchthusCoin 11 oz White Inspirational Novelty Mug with QR Code on Back and 50 BONUS IchthusCoin Gold Rewards. CLICK HERE.

Ichthus Nation Members Support the Annual Charity Flock Project with their IchthusCoin Rewards

Our members support Ichthus Nation with the Annual Charity Project-Flock of Chicks or Ducklings with their IchthusCoin rewards. A flock of chickens helps provide a family in need with a starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks, along with training that will help them turn this flock into a lifetime of opportunity. Each flock is 140 IchthusCoin rewards. The charity redemption request is available on your Rewards Dashboard. This charity project is not tax deductible.

Membership Includes LEARN AND EARN with the AI Professors teaching the 66 Articles of the Ichthus Nation Constitution

VideoAI Professors teach in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

ID Verification (KYC/AML) Requirement. Ichthus Holdings, LLC requires customer ID verification in order for the customer to be eligible to receive and redeem Gold Rewards.  We provide a seamless and secure identity verification onboarding process through Vouched, a leader in global ID verification, at no cost to our new members to ensure compliance, including verifying age of our members, and to eliminate the risk of fraudulent activities. If any fraudulent activities are discovered during the regular monitoring of our member accounts, we reserve the right to revoke all bonus and earned rewards and close your account immediately.  

If you live in the USA, Canada, or United Kingdom, you will receive your identity verification link by text. If you do not reside in the USA, CA or UK, you will receive your verification link by email. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see the identity verification email within 24 hours of opening your Rewards Dashboard account. If your Identity Verification is not completed within 30 days of opening your Rewards Dashboard account, Ichthus Holdings, LLC reserves the right to revoke the bonus and earned rewards and close your member account without refund, if applicable.

Legal Disclaimer (Not Investment Contract). Ichthus Holdings, LLC designed and minted the IchthusCoin to provide a public digital ledger for the bonus and earned reward tokens to be redeemed in the Ichthus Marketplace for select merchandise and opportunities in the digital virtual ecosystem, Ichthus Nation, including the Annual Charity Fund, Gold Redemption Program, and Ichthus Nation Convention. The IchthusCoin reward token is not a security token. The token does not provide interest in the parent company, Ichthus Holdings, LLC, and its affiliates. Therefore, IchthusCoin reward tokens do not represent shares in Ichthus Holdings, LLC or its affiliates. 

The IchthusCoin reward token redemption value is 0.144 USD within the Ichthus Marketplace only. Ichthus Holdings, LLC does not exchange bonus reward tokens for cash (USD). The IchthusCoin digital reward token is rewarded as part of a no self-custody point system on the Rewards Dashboard for tracking purposes only. The IchthusCoin gold rewards points are nontransferable. This is not an investment contract.

Financial Disclaimer (Not Financial Advice). Please note that Ichthus Holdings, LLC and its affiliates do not provide investment, tax, or legal advice. This online community, IchthusNation.com, and affiliates are for informational purposes only and takes no account of particular personal or market circumstances, and should not be relied upon as investment, tax, or legal advice. For investment, tax, or legal advice, you should consult your own advisors. Please note that digital and physical assets present unique risks.